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Identity Theft

It is scary to think that someone could steal your identity. There are times when a person’s credit card is stolen and used by another. Luckily there are regulations in place to help protect people when they are the victims of identity theft. However, there can still be problems and it is best to work hard to avoid the possibility all together.

Identity Theft

There are ways that you can work to protect yourself from identify fraud and credit card theft. If your credit card offers cash advance, keep your pin number in a safe place. If you can simply memorize the number, do so. Never write your pin anywhere on your card. If someone found your card, they could use the pin number to take out a cash advance on your card.

If you are no longer going to use a credit card, you should dispose of the card. Make sure to cut up the credit card so that no one could find the number. If you receive pre-approval offers and credit card applications, also make sure to cut them up. You do not want anyone finding and using your own personal information. This could possibly happen. So it is best to be cautious.

Another thing you may want to think about is your credit card statements. If you do not file these and throw them out make sure they are cut up as well. You do not want anyone to find access to your name or your credit card numbers. Again there is a chance that they will find a way to use this information. Also never, give out your credit card number to an unsolicited source. If you make purchases online, make certain it is a secure and reputable site.

When you mail your credit card bills, drop them in the post office. Do not leave them in your mailbox at home. There is a possibility that someone might take your mail and access your information. If you mail it at the post office yourself, the information will be much safer.

If you ever realize that your credit card is missing, contact your credit card provider immediately. It is a good idea to know the number you should contact if this were to happen. Have this information easily available. This can help you by making it quick to call your credit card company if you ever suspect that there is a problem.

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